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How Well can Squirrels Climb and Jump?

There are different species of Texas squirrels found in different habitats and have various habits regarding their shelter, nutrition and social behavior. One group is of the large tree squirrels, the other one of pine squirrels and flying squirrels. Large tree squirrels are further divided into other groups depending on their features and nutritional habits. There are further three groups of the large tree squirrels and have been divided according to their different modes of life. Basically all these various groups contain various species of the Texas squirrels. This means that these animals are so different from each other that they cannot also interbreed among one another. The major groups of large tree squirrels which are also reproductively isolated from one another are the eastern gray squirrels, western gray squirrels and tassel eared Waco squirrels.

Sizes and jumping patterns
The Texas squirrels have basically adapted for the jumping and climbing mode of life but that too depends upon their sizes and the shapes of their bodies. Normally the size of fox squirrels is from 18 inches to the maximum if 27 inches, and the weight of an adult squirrel is about 1.75 pounds approximately. The color of their fur varies greatly with respect to their habitat and the area where they natively belong to. For example the Waco squirrels belonging from Florida are totally black in color while the ones native of Maryland have a white colored belly and silver grey back. In some cases it has been studied that even a single population shows a lot of color variations. These squirrels are very active and good at climbing the trees and rocks. That is why they are well adapted to the habitat of trees and rocky areas.

The various kinds of squirrels have a varied habitat and their living areas range from hardwood forests to conifer forests. Usually they live in much higher ratio in the forest areas and prefer these habitats over plain land habitats. Due to this fact, they have a well developed nature of climbing the trees.

Nutrition of squirrels
Almost all the species of Waco squirrels have the same kinds of food habits. In most of the cases they feed on the fruits and nuts of various kinds. In very rare cases they feed on other berries and succulent plants and even on the buds and cones of conifers. Sometimes the carnivorous Texas squirrels feed on the eggs, insects and other similar kinds of animal remains.

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